1. Abdoujaparov – “Djamolidine”

Appropriately the first album to burst out of the starting blocks bears the moniker of a notorious sportsman – Uzbeki cyclist Djamolidine Abdoujaparov. Thankfully he isn’t singing here, but rather its Fruitbat (a.k.a Les Carter) from UK indie-punk favourites Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine (to be reviewed in a few months time).

abdoujaparov1If you’ve heard the work of Carter, this CD will come as no surprise at all. It is a similar formula – crunching rhythm guitar driving a late 70s punk sound + clever lyrics. It turns out this album is a compilation of the band’s first 3 EPs, and as a result it does jump genres pretty regularly. It probably made sense to go fast track, slow track, fast track, quirky track on a 4 track EP, but doing it 3 times starts to get a bit grating.

This CD was one I purchased cheap on a whim somewhere and had probably only listened to a couple of times before today.

Will I revisit it? Quite possibly… if nothing else because the ode to the eponymous Tashkent Terror is a ripper.

The album isn’t anywhere near Carter at their best, but it isn’t going to finish last in this Tour of my collection.

File under: Mis-guided cycle punk

One response to “1. Abdoujaparov – “Djamolidine”

  1. Fascinating – who ever heard of such a band? I do remember 1) Abdu running in to a promotional display in a sprint on the Champs Elysee in 1991 and instigating one of the worst crashes ever 2) that the American announcers couldn’t pronounce “Abdoujaparov” and instead for years referred to him as alphabet man.

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