2. Ryan Adams – “Gold”

Now this is an album I have listened to many times. Mr Adams delivers a wonderful set of country-tinged tracks. At times the album crosses over to almost a Southern-rock type sound. Adams has such an expressive and soulful voice, yet maintains a bit of Black Crowes-ish swagger. The stand out tracks are definitely the first two – New York, New York and Firecracker – and the last pair – Tina Toledo’s Street Walkin’ Blues and Goodbye Hollywood Bvd.

gold_ryan-adams1He almost gets away with a very indulgent 9:41 min track in the middle, and certainly did a great job of corralling together a tight band. As I said, I have spent a fair amount of time with this album over the years. It is great Sunday afternoon music and if I drove more often I might well consider it a good driving CD.

Now my copy of the CD came with a bonus 5 track disk which a little research tells me is a collection of songs that Adams wanted included to make this a double album. His record label should have acquiesced as these track are up to scratch and, alas, they didn’t get much of a run on my stereo until I uploaded this album onto my iTunes.

As an aside beyond my 200 words (justified by the bonus disk?), I misspent my youth listening a hell of lot to an album by Ryan’s long-lost cousin Bryan called Reckless. But that was on cassette and got thrown away some time in the mid-90s… I did like that Summer of 69 track (and yes, I know the Ryan/Bryan gags are very, very old and prone to causing the former much angst).

File under: Possible country-rock classic

One response to “2. Ryan Adams – “Gold”

  1. I do a lot of driving and can recommend it as a great driving CD.

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