4. Lily Allen – “Alright, Still…”

A year ago I started listening to music at work via iTunes. When I look under “Top 25 most played” tracks, a big swag of them are songs from Lily Allen’s debut CD. No surprise there, as this album continues to make me Smile (as per track #1).

lily-allen1This album is pure, unadulterated pop with a wonderful ska-ish bent. It is summer music, walking music, party music, lounging around music and so much more. I often turn to this album when strolling into work listening to my iPod. It feels like having a funny conversation with a slightly crazy (and younger) friend. Lily is full of amusing stories.

Lily is very much an empowered woman of 21st century. She isn’t willing to take crap from men (especially ex-boyfriends). Her tale of a being hassled in bars by useless males (Knock ’em Out) is hilarious. When she threatens to “work my way through your mates” (Not Big), you certainly believe its an option (if she can be bothered). Her plea to her brother (Alfie) to get it off the bong is a treat. She can even do the heartfelt very effectively (Littlest Things).

This gets the best possible recommendation: All killer, no filler!

File under: New princess of pop

3 responses to “4. Lily Allen – “Alright, Still…”

  1. Nice that this is still the highest ranked in your blog.
    Great blog.
    Can’t wait for the new album too.

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