6. Age of Chance – “One Thousand Years of Trouble”

So, this is the first of my vinyl listens (I will be catching up on these each weekend). This album was definitely one I had not heard for a hell of a long time. And it has not handled aging any better than I have.

age-of-chance1I must have bought this around 1988 or so, when these guys were staples on Rage (Australia’s overnight video music show). Shaven headed white blokes from somewhere in northern Britain shouting/rapping over industrial breaks while aggressively jumping around in bike lycra certainly capture your attention. Their biggest hit was a cover of Prince’s Kiss which pre-dated Tom Jones’ effort and took the tune into very different territory (it, alas, is not on this album – I have it on 12″!).

So back to the LP. It still has a couple of reasonably catchy tunes: Don’t Get Mad, Get Even and Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Noise?But even these suffer from the failings of this work listened to through 2009 ears – it all sounds too trebly and contrived. Somehow the bands that followed – like Pop Will Eat Itself and The Prodigy – got this aggressive dancey-punk stuff to seem warmer, more human and less like posturing.

As a weekend treat, here’s a video of them:

File under: Loud and lycra-clad, but less than rad

One response to “6. Age of Chance – “One Thousand Years of Trouble”

  1. They came from lovely Leeds. They also had heads shaped like potatoes.

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