Daily Archives: January 14, 2009

10. The Arrogant Worms -”Livebait”

I’m not sure whether I should review comedy albums here. Thankfully I rarely fall for the temptation of buying such disks. There aren’t more than a couple of them across my collection (although novelty CDs abound). I picked this up at the Port Fairy Folk Festival back in 2001, probably under the effect of alcohol.

arrogant-wormsThe Arrogant Worms are an acoustic musical comedy act from Canada. And, boy aren’t they interested in singing about their nationality! Five of the twelve tracks are explicitly about the quirkiness of being Canadian and offer insights into the insecurities of those living in the world’s second largest nation (by area – it’s a song topic), but right above an ignorant US (there’s another song) who only associate the country with Mounties (another tune) and ice hockey (yep, another).

The most enjoyable tracks are more universal – a cool one about Jesus’ brother Bob, and another railing against the cruelty of eating veges.

Do I listen to this often? No. Should I? Not really, the jokes wear off quickly. I would prefer a Corky and the Juice Pigs recording.

File under: One listen wonder