11. Anthony Atkinson – “Come Home for Autumn”

Zzzz, zzzz, zzzz… Ooops, sorry you woke me. You see, I’ve been listening to this album all day, and keeping nodding off.

This album resides in the treacherous acoustic folk-pop domain – a land where one might suckle on the joys of a soothing, catchy, emotive number, but where one can just as easily stumble into a hell of endless strumming and soporific crooning. Alas, this album falls too often into the latter category, populated as it is with far too many 5 and 6 minute outings.

Come home for Autumn Anthony Atkinson It’s a real shame, as Atkinson had previously done a pretty good job out the front of Melbourne outfit The Mabels. Perhaps his band mates perked him up a bit, or roped in any extreme self-indulgence.

The album is not without some highpoints. Rediscover Me has some oomph and rollicks along cataloguing the insecurity of a long-distance pairing. Likewise, Shifting Sands (an old Mabels track) is a haunting soap opera of an increasing dysfunctional relationship. This latter track still borders on a the very slow side. Too much of the remaining tunes copy this approach but with no sting. I certainly can see why I resisted the temptation to buy any more work from Atko.

File under: Cures for insomnia


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