13. The Audreys – “When the Flood Comes”

I am stunned that I am 13 albums in and only now hit a second album from an artist (as in a second in my collection). This is the follow up from Adelaide’s finest country quintet.

The Audreys When the Flood Comes CD ReviewOf course, the danger with a second album in a collection is that it doesn’t stack up. I’m a big fan of the first Audreys outing, so there was a risk of disappointment here. No fear, these guys maintain their form.

There are couple more killer tracks here, Chelsea Blues and Paradise City. And, no, the latter isn’t Guns’n’Roses cover… although I would like to hear such an effort – no doubt they’d transform it into a sexy, twangy tune:

This album is not a carbon-copy of the last. The band’s has shifted a little further away from their bluegrass roots to a more sweeping, layered sound (wandering in The Cruel Sea, Bad Seeds, Dirty Three direction). The tone and lyrics are weightier and less light-hearted. This CD isn’t necessarily the one you’d pop on for a fun country drive. It might work better if it were raining.

I eagerly await #3.

File under: Satisfying sophmoric score

One response to “13. The Audreys – “When the Flood Comes”

  1. Terry in SoCal

    Forget special effects – just give me honest songwriting, good musianship, and a singer with a sexy voice . This album is very satisfying!

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