17. Various Artists – “A Boy, A Girl and a Rendez-vous”

So, I’ve finished the A Artists, and thought I’d chuck in a few compilations that might fit under the “A” Banner (based on title).

a-boy-a-girl-a-rendezvous1This is a very obscure (as in pretty unGoogle-able) release associated with some New Jersey fanzine of the late 20th century. I’m sure I bought it one bored day at my desk playing on Traffic Sounds, a favourite purveyor of twee-pop.

I no doubt had great intentions of discovering some wondrous new band that would change my world (this was before Myspace, so sampler CDs had more purpose). Of course, I then forgot all about it!

So, after listening to it much of today, has anything grabbed me? Not really.

The track from The Aislers Set bops along at a nice clip, while the gimmicky Zambonis amused the first time around (but ice hockey gags struggle to keep their lustre).

The rest of the compilation of is just too slow and wimpy to maintain my attention. You can hear one of the better slow ones here however (from French duo Watoo Watoo).

File under: Too twee for me


One response to “17. Various Artists – “A Boy, A Girl and a Rendez-vous”

  1. Thank you for your kind words about our (Watoo Watoo) song.

    The people who made the comp wrote the fanzine ‘Red roses for me” in the late 80s, early 90s. They were from Australia (they ran a mailorder there) but eventually moved to Manchester,..
    That’s all i can remember !

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