18 – Various Artists – “A Minute of Less”

78 bands, 78 songs… all a minute or less long. This probably seemed a good idea at the time, and at least it was a fund-raiser for the hippies at Friends of the Earth.

a-minute-of-lessThe album brings together a whole lot of the bands that were playing around the Melbourne indie scene in the mid-1990s. So it stands as a time capsule from a simpler, happier time.

But, it doesn’t make for overly pleasant listening. The acts are in alphabetical order (maybe that’s where I got the idea from). These means it jumps from acoustic pop to death-metal to pirate punk to sampled circus music and back again.

Of course, with 78 tracks there have to be a few keepers. Mal Webb‘s (what did) future generations (ever do for me?) is a still-relevant grab on the selfishness of baby boomers, while Slurper‘s Shy Girl is at least a complete song (I’m sure I have it on an album of theirs too). Trippin’ Phil’s All-Skas deliver a neat 35 second tune also.

All in all, this is another misguided compilation purchase, destined to go unheard again for the rest of eternity. You would think I’d learn…

File under: Regretful purchases

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