19 – B’ehl – “Bright Eyes”

This is the second album from a small, now defunct indiepop outfit from Winnipeg.

behlSugar sweet and well-produced, this is like Juliana Hatfield without much of the angst. It’s less jarring than her too. The harmonies from the two female singers make a huge difference, boosting the sense of lusciousness.

The song-writing is very unforced and endearing (click on the pic to the left for some tunes). These guys sound meaningful even when confined to some “doooo, doooo, doooo”s.

All in all, I find this a very relaxing, yet uplifting album. It invokes a promise-filled spring day (rather than today’s windy sweatfest).  There is so little pretension here, just a love of sweet tunes, some moog squelching and a bit of rocking out. 

Turns out these guys went on to become Paper Moon.  Will have to check them out.

File under: Sweet and shiny spring sounds

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