Daily Archives: January 24, 2009

21. Various artists- “Aux88 presents Electro Boogie”

This is another vinyl review, so I return to the “A”s.

I think I bought this album at a sale back in 200o or thereabouts on the presumption that I was lacking some electro-dance music in my collection. Eight or so years later it had remained unopened in my record rack!


So I gave it a good listen this morning and I can’t say I’m enamoured. 

I’m sure this is a very adequate representation of the electro sound – thumping bass, heavy drum machine action, some occasional vocodering.

Dance music works for me in clubs and at parties, and when it has a hook.  This collection doesn’t.  If I was a DJ with some decks, I guess I could use this for some pumping beats and then mix some vocal tracks, horns etc over the top.

As I lack such hardware or acumen, this album is of little appeal to me.  Perhaps it will be appearing on eBay soon.

File under:Doof Doof Dud