22. Basement Jaxx – “Remedy”

Sorry folks, had a couple of days away from my computer. And encountered a hire car with no working CD player! But now I’m back in full swing.

After my disappointment with Saturday’s dance album, I was rapt to pulling this CD off the rack. It’s an old fave and one I had faith in.


This is how electronic dance music should sound. A big beat, but with real variation from track to track. There is a real personality to this outfit. You can even here some human sounds in there, like a strummed guitar. The vocals are catchy. The vocoding is fun rather than cliched and dehumanising.

The singles are stand outs, but they don’t sustain the energy or catchiness all the way through. The last track is a real snore. Nevertheless, this is a go to album around our place when we want to get moving.

File under: Bouncy booty shaking

One response to “22. Basement Jaxx – “Remedy”

  1. Have to agree – and would even suggest that Red Alert is THE greatest electro song ever.

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