23. Basement Jaxx – “Rooty”

I am a big fan of the first album from this Brixton duo. Their second effort almosts stacks up, but not quite.

basement jaxx rooty album cover

They continue to produce stand out dancefloor filling tracks – the sort that see you plonking your drink down and dashing out to show off your signature moves . On the previous release it was Red Alert, Bingo Bango, Rendez-Vu, Jump and Move and Yo-Yo that got me mooving and grooving. This time it’s Romeo, Where’s Your Head At, I Want U and Do Your Thing.

Hmmm, I see a problem – a 20 percent reduction in killer tunes. This reflects the unfortunate shift in direction for the band that permeates this release. The album has too many slower tracks. At times it even seems like this could be one of those Back to Mine chill out releases. I want more pumping house anthems, not pseudo R&B efforts.

Don’t get me wrong, these guys do a good job of still making it pretty interesting, but I expected a bit more.

File under: Some killer, but should be more un-chill-er…

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