29. The Beastie Boys – “Ill Communication”

Back in the mid 90s (when I was considerably trimmer and more sociable), I used to hang out pretty regularly at a pub/club called the Lizard Lounge. Amongst a steady diet of predominantly British indie tunes, several songs from this Beasties effort were staple fare. Said tunes were guaranteed to get my mates and I up and jumping around. At subsequent house parties they were again the go to tracks. Indeed, at my wedding party last year, one such song was included on the basis of its floor-filling capacity.

beastie-boys-ill-communication-album-coverYou would think such kudos would mean this is a favourite album of mine. Strangely that is not the situation. While I often grab it off the shelf to play Sure Shot, Sabotage, Root Down, and Get it Together, the remainder of this album is not up to scratch. Like the previous album, the boys are too occupied with trashy rock-outs and instrumental noodling.

The inclusion of Q-Tip on Get it Together is an absolute treat, and the rockiness of Sabotage is irresistable. If only they’d delivered a few more rap-heavy tracks like Do It this would be a much more enduring and enjoyable album.

File under: Rollercoaster ride.


One response to “29. The Beastie Boys – “Ill Communication”

  1. I must agree – a few killer tracks and lots of filler tracks 🙂

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