32. The Beastie Boys – “The Sounds of Science”

It’s odd how, over the period of CD purchasing, you don’t always pick up how superfluous some purchases are. A year or so after the Hello Nasty release, I was presumably thinking I needed some more of their music in my collection. Lured by the prospect of some previously unheard B-sides and unreleased tracks, I forked out more hard-earned for a double-album best of.

beastie-boys-sounds-of-science-album-coverMy criticism of the past few albums reflects some dissatisfaction with the non-single tracks from the trio. Most of that ‘filler’ is absent from this 42-track release. The compilers did a good job of picking out the more high-paced rapping stuff, and pretty much all the stuff I’ve lauded from the albums thus far (other than the instrumentals).

Unfortunately, with 42 slots to fill, there is still too much drivel on this. The new tracks that motivated the purchase are more hit than miss. Skills to Pay the Bills stacks up, while their early punk track Egg Raid on Mojo at least offers some insight into their roots.

So, in the end, apart from the somewhat amusing album cover pic, there is no real justification for this album still taking up two spaces on my CD shelf.

File under: Unnecessary duplication

One response to “32. The Beastie Boys – “The Sounds of Science”

  1. No a bad purchase if you don’t have the albums and want an overview of their style and various endeavours. Like you I bought it for the promise of b-sides and unreleased stuff, and having not bought every release religiously I didn’t mind the whimper for the buck. It did however lure me into buying To the 5 Boroughs and disappointment ensued.

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