33. The Beastie Boys – “To the 5 Boroughs”

Six years is a long time between drinks, and between albums. OK it’s a much longer time between drinks… you’d be gasping…

beastie-boys-to-the-5-boroughs-album-coverThis was the Beasties’ first studio album in a long time and despite them doing lots of the things I’ve been calling for (rapping more, jettisoning the instrumentals) it has never really captured me. It all sounds a bit forced and same-old, same-old.

There are some refreshing elements to the effort. The Boys get somewhat political – I guess having your hometown attacked will do that to ya – dissing George W’s Middle East warring and Kyoto ignoring (hey, that’s some pretty phat rhyming from this fat white boy). Alongside all that there is pretty hefty does of nonsensical, childish rhymes and braggadocio (which I like!).

But, ultimately this album is flawed on the simplest of measures. It lacks a kicking single that would make you grab this CD of the shelf and get you jumping around the loungeroom.

File under: Too long in the oven


2 responses to “33. The Beastie Boys – “To the 5 Boroughs”

  1. You’re wrong on this one cuz, this is a sleeper hit – it’s one of those albums that improves dramatically the more you listen to it. The production is nuanced and far more layered than at initial listen and the rhymes are as puerile as the best of the Beasties’ oeuvre. And they try to bust out some cockney accents on Triple Trouble.

    I recommend further listens – it matures like good wine.

  2. how can you say that there is no bumper single?!

    Ch-Check it out, An Open Letter to NY cityt & Triple Trouble all make me want to jump round my living room

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