34. The Beastie Boys – “Solid Gold Hits”

There is no real excuse for also having this ‘best-of’ in my collection. It doesn’t contain any tracks that I haven’t already heard over the past week of reviewing this trio’s canon.

beastie-boys-solid-gold-hits-album-coverMy excuse? I received this a present. Indeed I believe I actually received two copies and got to swap one of them for something else.

Why did I keep it? Because it is in fact a double album with not only the 15 singles from the Boys that went gold, but also an accompanying DVD containing their respective video clips. The visual efforts of the band have been worth savouring since Check your Head.

Would I recommend this album? If you don’t already own their major releases, hell yeah! It’s chock full of their best tracks put together into a pretty coherent party set. Indeed I’d recommend this alongside their instrumental ‘best-of’ as fantastic entrees into their music.

I wonder whether such releases are as relevant in a world of iTunes – surely the ‘kids of today’ would just pick the songs from across the albums and build their own showcase.

Well, as we come to the end our Beastie Boys marathon, and in light the video dimension of this final review, why don’t we have a look at the Boys finest filmic effort…

And for all the others check out their Youtube channel.

File under: Best-of Brilliance


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