35. The Beatnigs – “The Beatnigs”

Often, when you find a new and exciting act, the tendency is to rush off in search of more of their material.

the-beatnigs-album-coverIn 1992 I fell for the industrial-hip-hop of the Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy. The word on the street was that band had evolved from an earlier incarnation, known as The Beatnigs. Try as I might, I couldn’t find a copy of their only album anywhere in Melbourne (the web and e-commerce was only but a twinkle in Al Gore’s eye back then).

Many years later, as Disposables’ front man Michael Franti was morphing into some sort of Marley-Harper-Jesus hybrid super-being, I finally purchased it on-line.

This album is driven by a mix of samples, industrial clanging and spoken word (think Gil Scott-Heron without the cool factor). The content is overtly political, peppered with soundbites from Reaganite US and apartheid South Africa. Nevertheless, there a strong sense of humour and satire. And, this was where the Disposables’ biggest ‘hit’ Television (Drug of Nation) was born. Indeed it appears in 3 different versions here, some bordering on Dead Kennedys-ish punk rants.

This was not a bad purchase after the long wait.

File under: San Francisco industrial hardcore rap activism (surely that’s a typical section in any reputable music store)

3 responses to “35. The Beatnigs – “The Beatnigs”

  1. Unrelenting Tedium

    I, too, am glad the beastie boys marathon has finished. Why isn’t franti angry anymore?

  2. Did you catch that Disposable Heroes and Sonic Youth gig at The Metro, was absolutely superb!

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