36. The Beautiful South – “Miaow”

British popsters The Housemartins broke up well before their time and this was one of the spin-offs from the wreckage. So if the Housemartins = Happy Days, then these guys are the Laverne & Shirley (and Fatboy Slim might well be the Joanie loves Chachi or the Mork and Mindy).

the-beautiful-south-miaow-album-coverThis is the more mature , middle-of-the-road version of The Housemartins. Paul Heaton and co croon away backed by slick jazz-pop with a Bacharach-ish bent.

It is all a bit too sickly sweet for my liking, and typically over produced. The upside is the lyrical content which is decidedly cynical and, on occasions, downright nasty. If you don’t listen closely you might think they’re being all sugar and spice, but in reality these are songs about loss, misguided marriage, war etc. This sort of juxtaposition underlied the Housemartins’ appeal also.

Apart from owning their much better first single (Song for Whoever), I never did buy another Beautiful South album. That reflects my lack of connection with the sound. Now, it must be time for a Housemartins reunion tour…

File under: Soulful cynicism


3 responses to “36. The Beautiful South – “Miaow”

  1. Great Article. Thanks. I agree

  2. Dear you there person. As owner of nearly most of the BS repetoire, there’s no finer place to shop than album no. uno – Welcome to the Beautiful South. It’s like music for the misguided

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