46. Beck -“Guero”

“Bienvenido de vuelta signor Beck”. True to the observation of his roller-coaster form, Beck followed up the dull Sea Change with a much more inventive and engaging effort.

beck-guero-album-coverBeck is at his best when he mixes up his genres. He knows how to cherry-pick the best bits from each and meld them into something new and exciting. This time its the Latino music scene that is his hunting ground. And he generates a sun-blasted, tequila-swilling, piñata-bashing feel without sounding condescending or try-hard.

The opening few tracks on this album are Beck at is his most entertaining. They set the scene for a giant party. While he chose Girl as a single, the standout tune is Qué Onda Guero. This may well be his best tune of all time. Crazily he hasn’t made a video for it (as far as I can find). A guy did a nice job of editing together one (based on Thai film Ong Bak):

The album really drops off after track 5 as it loses the Latin feel. Go it Alone and Rental Car almost rescue the “second side” here, but if this were a record I ‘m not sure I’d be turning it over much.

File under: All the gold’s on one side


One response to “46. Beck -“Guero”

  1. So I got this “lemonade” blog award from my little sis, and while I was on gervorama checking out what the heck that means, I saw that one of my fellow awardees was Andre for his “one album a day” blog, and I thought, hey, that could me my old mate Andre from Uni, and sure enough, it’s you! So hi! Nice to be sharing this podium with you. Sorry I haven’t seen you in ages (hope you at least got my end of year email?) – have promised Yvette to forsake all others (?) and make sure we catch up next time I get back to Melbourne. Congrats on your marriage BTW, and love to you and to Cat. Elle x

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