47. Beck – “The Information”

This album came with a rather nifty little package whereby the album cover is really just a sheet of graph paper and you can thus design your own unique cover by applying the accompanying set of stickers. Below on the left is my rather uninspired effort.

beck-the-information-album-cover-stickersbeck information graph album coverAfter listening to the album in the context of my week-long Beckfest, on the right is an album cover he might have also considered…

Put simply this is Beck on cruise-control. He has added nothing to his arsenal. He wanders rather aimlessly through a raft of highly forgettable tunes. He doesn’t seem committed to much at all here. There is limited sampling, no latin rhythms, no anti-folk ballads. It’s just plain dull.

I challenge anyone to listen to this album and identify a memorable effort beyond the single Nausea. Said song, which sees him sounding almost Cave-esque in the verses, rescues this album from complete oblivion.

This album did come with a DVD featuring videos for each track. They are equally shoddy and bland.

I haven’t bothered to buy Beck’s follow-up outing “Modern Guilt”. Perhaps he rode his career-curve back up…

File under: Shark-jumping misinformation

4 responses to “47. Beck – “The Information”

  1. I think you are a little harsh on this effort. Sure it felt like he was treading over well worn ground, and the killer to filler ratio was low, but there are some stand out tracks beyond Nausea, specifially the hypnotic groove of “Think I’m In Love” and the retro funk of “Cellphone’s Dead”.

  2. Hey man you really should pick up “Modern Guilt”. It’s completely different from Beck’s other material and abandons the hip hop feels for a more rock sound that’s pretty damn mature. I like your taste of music, and I encourage you to get “Modern Guilt” because I know you’ll appreciate it more than the monotonous tracks on this album.

  3. I had that inkling – I’ll keep an eye out for it in the discount bins Drew.

  4. I read through all of your reviews of Beck’s albums, and honestly I’m beginning to get the impression that maybe Beck just isn’t your thing? I loved every album you bashed. Additionally, these aren’t the kind of albums you give one listen to and are instantly in love with; you have to let them grow on you and let the love smolder.

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