50 done…

So I have listened to and pontificated about 50 albums thus far, and thought I’d take this weekend to rest and to ponder the lessons from 10,000 words of reviewing:

  1. That this whole project is going to take a hell of a long time. Since it started I’ve already added about 8 more albums to the “to be reviewed” pile.
  2. That the front end of my collection is not very representative of my broader listening habits. It has been noticeably under-rock for example.
  3. That I am harsh on those acts of whom I have strong expectations.
  4. That I bore easily when faced with multiple output from a given performer.
  5. That compilation albums are not a great idea (yet shuffle on the iPod is)
  6. That the world is littered with a lot of filler.

But overall I’ve relished the experience (and the feedback from you all). And I will persist. I was delighted to inspire one reader to embark upon a much better music blog idea. And it triggered me to think about the music biz more generally (and blog about it on my other blog).

OK, back to the listening…

One response to “50 done…

  1. Unrelenting Tedium

    Yes…I had noticed it has been very under-rock. And yes, the world is not only littered with but swamped by filler. I own a LOT of albums that would have made good EPs.

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