56. The Best Friends Group – “When Everyone’s Around”

Is it called a ‘supergroup’ when members of obscure indy bands get together for a recorded jam?  It seems a little overstated, especially when the jam in question is little more than a bit of strumming and humming, and when the musos are coming from such light and easy acts as  The Lucksmiths, Architecture in Helsinki, Sodastream and Kissing Book.

the-best-friends-group-when-everyones-around-album-coverIf your familiar with the work on any of these acts then you’ll have a reasonable feel for the maximum synergies possible if you got some of their members together.  But then if I told you they weren’t bringing their ‘A-games’, that instead they were foregoing any instrumental trickery and instead just getting all frontporch-like, you can hopefully see the risks.

In the end, it’s a little unclear why they bothered to record or release this (and why I bought it).  To call this lightweight is a strong exaggeration. It would be like calling George W. statesman-like.  This album is so inconsequential my CD player almost didn’t notice me put it on.  There are no memorable tracks and no strong redeeming features. Well the cover art is sort of cute…

File under:  Inconsequential

One response to “56. The Best Friends Group – “When Everyone’s Around”

  1. Unrelenting Tedium

    Not bringing their A-game? Sometimes you make me feel so white.

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