57. Beulah – “When Your Heartstrings Break”

Someone once described writing about music as equivalent to dancing about architecture – i.e. that we are trying to describe one sensory experience through a completely different sensory medium.

when-your-heartstrings-break-album-cover-beulahTrying to explain a band who many of you have presumably never heard, like San Fran indie-rockers Beulah, makes this a more difficult writing exercise than usual.

The temptation is just to reel off a list of bands they sometimes sound like on this album. Such a roll-call would include Wilco, The Liquor Giants, The Beatles, Ben Lee, Weezer and Pavement.

Beulah mix together elements of these sounds in a competent and, at times, refreshing fashion. They are not burdened by an overt lo-fi inclinations. Indeed, they layer some tracks with luscious strings and even horns (a clarinet?!?).

These guys have pretty strong pop tendencies. When it all comes all together it is impressive, as on their closing tune, the rather laboriously titled If We Can Land a Man on the Moon, Surely I Can Win Your Heart. The weakness of the album is the lack of a consistent sound that the band can call their own. As such, the album will remain one where I go “who’s this again?”

File under: That guy whose name you can’t quite remember who did that thing that you quite liked but then forgot about…

Note: For any US fans who stumble across this review and don’t recognise the album cover, that’s the one for the Aussie release (I believe there different ones for other countries too).

3 responses to “57. Beulah – “When Your Heartstrings Break”

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  2. Unrelenting Tedium

    Aha! The Liquor Giants. I cannot wait for T or L…which will they be filed under?

  3. beulah is a great band. I like them a lot.

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