58. Leon & Eric Bibb – “A Family Affair”

Pursuing the same career as one’s father is not that uncommon, whether it be joining the family shoemaking business, being ‘elected’ president, or kicking goals in the same team colours.

eric-and-leon-bibb-a-family-affair-album-coverThis CD sees accomplished blues guitarist Eric Bibb teaming up with his folk musician father.

This is a highly admirable endeavour, and no doubt a heartwarming experience for them both. They harmonise their way through a set of blues and folks standards accompanied by fingerpicking acoustic guitar (that’s Eric’s job) and occasional guests. Both of them have wonderfully calming, deep baritone voices (not quite in the league of Eric’s godfather Paul Robeson, but dulcet nevertheless).

Unfortunately this is very much at the end of the blues spectrum I find least engaging. It is too adult-contempary and Peabo Bryson-ish for my tastebuds. I much prefer my blues dirty and downtrodden, rather than the gospel-like overtones here. I should have been tipped off by the inclusion of a Sting cover.

Of course, they are doing a better job of father-son-bonding-through-song than I have ever achieved… although Dad and I have dueted on Join in the Chorus pretty impressively at a couple of Grand Finals.

File under: Ponderous paternal pairing


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