61. Bikstok Røgsystem – “Over Stok Og Sten”

This is another album on my shelf that I have had little to do with. It was bought by my much more linguistically capable wife while we were residing in Denmark in 2007. So I have asked her to review it (in English I hope).

bikstok-rc3b8gsystem-album-cover1I must admit that I didn’t know the name of the band that made this CD until yesterday. This is not a CD I listen to often nor would I necessarily recommend it.

But it is in my collection for a purpose. I’d been living in Copenhagen, studying Danish intensively for 3 months and I was getting quite compulsive about the language.

One Saturday morning we found ourselves in a brilliant music shop in Frederiksberg (Sound Station). It felt more like a second hand bookshop, with lots of rooms connected via small doorways; each one brimming with cds and vinyl. The guys in there were spinning disks. Everyone was chilling as we browsed. As I reckon hip hop is a cool way to explore language, I hassled the guy in the shop to recommend various artists.

This is the first of two CDs that I bought that day and I like it purely because I can understand little phrases and words. It’s got a fairly rustic sound – in other words not as slick and polished as some US hip hop. I’d like to compare them to the Streets because they seem to sing about every day minutia. But I’m concerned that it’s my limited language skills that mean I only pick up the minutia and all the complex stuff is passing me by.

This blogging exercise compelled me to learn a little bit more about the band and I discovered that they are officially a dancehall band (a more political form of reggae apparently). They’re one of the first bands to do dancehall in Danish and I think that’s interesting.

I’ll keep playing this CD and pretend I get it (not too unlike the African hip hop I’ll be reviewing down the track!). And in the meantime, I’d highly recommend Sound Station to anyone who finds themselves in Copenhagen.

File Under: Danish Dance-Hall

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