Daily Archives: March 8, 2009

64. Björk – “Post”

Misheard lyrics are a treat of the shared music experience.  There can be great joy in mocking someone for their belief that it goes “excuse me while I kiss this guy”.

bjork-post-album-cover-bjorkMy better half (original procurer of this album), thought Björk sang “Cross my hat and hope to die” on the stand-out track It’s Oh So Quiet. Alas, it was not headgear but a vital organ she was swearing upon.

Mishearing a lyric from such an unusual voice is, of course, forgivable.  Not liking this album isn’t.

This is my favourite from Björk’s catalogue. This is a more upbeat, theatrical effort than her previous outing.  She is uses her voice even more effectively as an instrument, and the lyrics are truly poetic.  There is a strong sense of fun and the music is more inventive. 

At the heart if all this is the aforementioned …Quiet, an out and out classic.  It is playful interpretation of showtune tradition.  And it is supported by one of the most appropriate video clips of all-time, which I would love to share with you here, but the geniuses at Warner obviously think that would harm Björk’s record sales! For those with Quicktime click here.

File under:  Oh So N-Iceland