65. Björk – “Selmasongs”

My wife Catherine (and much of the rest of our state) had the day off today while I was slaving away at work, and she volunteered to listen to our next Björk CD. Incidentally this album was the soundtrack to the second movie we ever saw while dating – Dancer in the Dark – a harrowing and completely inappropriate date film. Here’s her review.


Like the film this music was written for, this album is unsettling and even somewhat disturbing. I found myself turning the volume lower and lower to avoid the full impact, but even so I found it a jagged and grim experience. The best thing about this album is that it only last for 32 minutes.

Given I only paid about a dollar for the CD, I think I may just chuck it out, free up space for more enjoyable listening and certainly protect myself from ever having to endure the experience again.

That’s pretty condemning.

File under: Harrowing

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