66. Björk – “Medúlla”

This time of year I would traditionally have just returned from a long weekend at the Port Fairy Folk Festival – a daggy but highly enjoyable gathering of traditional and acoustic artists in a lovely beachside country town setting. A few years back they brought out some Tibetan throat singers. It was a fascinating human skill. Elements of it were moving, while at times it was very disconcerting, atonal or just damn annoying.

bjork-medulla album-cover-bjorkThat description could be used to describe this mostly a cappella release from Björk. She performs some amazing feats, and puts a hell of a lot into the arrangements, mixing and production of all this. Her voice is a highly versatile instrument, and she uses it to provide rhythm and melody here.

Unfortunately, like any instrument, without sufficient thought for your listener, sounds may be produced that would scare a cat and which just aint that much fun to listen to. That’s what happens overall here. Actually, I take back the ‘thought for listener’ comment. She has simply overestimated me. I can deal with small doses of this – such as Who Is It – but not the whole lot at once.

One final redeeming aspect to this album – it inspired a cool Lego cover tribute.

File under: Too throaty for general consumption


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