67. The Black Crowes – “Shake Your Money Maker”

Finally, after 66 reviews, we get to some genuine, no holds-barred, straight ahead rock’n’roll!!

the-black-crowes-shake-your-money-maker-album-coverAnd this is pure, unadulterated rock with swagger. And that swagger isn’t some snooty, indie-rock, cynical sway, but instead a long-haired, dirty-jeaned, straight from the heart hip shake.

I’m a bit of a latecomer to the Black Crowes. These guys were the teenage obsession of my missus. I remember them as some incongruous throwback band hovering around the early 1990s looking decidedly out of place. I have now come to appreciate their timelessness.

And this debut is a gem. It wears its Led Zep influences very proudly, but with a highly effective Southern Rock bent. These guys sound like they’ve walked out of some roadhouse bar, but with an eye on a house in the Hollywood Hills. 

Like all good rock albums it comes out swinging with a riff-heavy, upbeat opener (Twice as Hard).  It features a cover that makes a classic almost their own (Otis Redding’s Hard to Handle).  And then it seals it off with an epic slower, rousing, drugs-are-sort-of-bad heartbreaker (She Talks to Angels).  

This CD hasn’t dated at all. It could have been produced any time in the last 30 or so years…

File under: Shake whatever you’ve got

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