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68. The Black Crowes – “Amorica”

Ahhh, Amorica. The land of love, where undergarments aren’t quite large enough.

the-black-crowes-amorica-album-coverThis album cover caused a bit of a furore in the land of puritans and free speech, showing as it does some oh-so-taboo short and curlies.

I see the pic as reflective of the Crowes strong connection to a more carefree early 1970s, when one could more readily let it all hang out.

The album sounds, yet again, like it could have emanated from some smoke-filled studio filled with long-haired hippy rocker types (and their glamoruous hangers-on). It has a slightly more bluesy, jam vibe than their debut. Chris Robinson’s vocals are still up front of some increasingly soaring riffs from his bro.

This is the album the Stones should have been making in the early 90s, or in fact any time from the mid-70s onwards. It doesn’t have the standout singles of the first release, but it is still a coherent advertisement for a great live show.

I took my betrothed to NYC for her 30th birthday, and we crossed the river to the dangerous backblacks of Noo Joisey to see these guys kicking it hard on stage at some beerbarn. They rocked.

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