77. The Black Keys – “Magic Potion”

I give this a good listen while wandering the streets of Paris.  It went very well with my pain au chocolate, and sounded pretty good on the Metro.

the-black-keys-magic-potion-album-coverPerhaps this reflects it slightly pedestrian tendencies.  Let me qualify that.  This album is somewhat pedestrian by The Black Keys’ standards. The garagey sound is still there, front and centre.  Dan still pulls out some sensational riffs, but several tracks are ever so mellower than elsewhere.

If you hadn’t heard anything else from them, I’m sure this album would still suck you into their world.  Your Touch, Modern Times, and the unusually political (for this duo) Goodbye Babylon and would fit into any ‘greatest hits’ compilation from these lads. The latter tune has some of the band’s best ever guitar/drum/vocal interplays.

So, I guess I’m saying this bejewelled egg is still pretty tasty, but that, at times, it lacks a certain je ne sais qua (pardon my French).

File under: Not quite Getafix quality


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