79. Sarah Blasko – “The Overture & the Underscore”

Time to drift away from sweaty rock and enter the realm of the chanteuse (not to be confused the realm of the Chantoozie – who, alas, I won’t be reviewing in the Cs).

sarah-blasko-the-overture-the-underscore-album-coverThe songstress in questions, Ms Blasko, is somewhat underrated in my opinion.  She can certainly hold a tune, and possesses one of those vowel-distorting manners not dissimilar to Missy Higgins (or, more internationally, Neko Case or Martha Wainwright).

The Higgins comparison is worth pursuing.  In many ways, this album might be described as a more mature, less overwrought take on the Higgins oeuvre.  Blasko is more adventurous with her instrumentation.  While I doubt there was a load of dollars thrown at this debut effort, there is a consistent and slick sound throughout.

Blasko’s songwriting is intimate and engaging.  She doesn’t come across as the sunniest person in the room, but also doesn’t lean too far into the whingey or overtly ambiguous domains. All Coming Back is a beautiful opener, while Counting Sheep rollicks along (despite it’s Missy-ness).

Not sure why I didn’t buy Blasko’s follow-up, as this is a lovely Sunday morning listen.  I’ll have to put it on my shopping list.

File under: More over than under the mark

One response to “79. Sarah Blasko – “The Overture & the Underscore”

  1. She looks beautiful. 😉 (And I like her song “We won’t run”.) Have a good day!

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