80. Box – “The Apathy Sessions”

Erratum: I have just realised that i mis-alphabetised here – this should have have been #82.  Sorry… I’ll blame the jetlag…

This is one of the more curious CDs in my collection.  I didn’t buy it, but was rather given it by the boyfriend of a housemate way be in the mid-90s.  He was the bass-player in this band, who were pretty regular scenesters in Melbourne at the time.

box-album-coverIt is always fun to hear an acquaintance playing on tunes. As I don’t the CD case in front of me, I can’t tell if Steve (the said bloke), sings on one of the tracks, but damn it sounds like his voice.  It’s a rather weird experience to recognise him, given our paths haven’t crossed in more than a decade.

So back to the CD.  The vibe here is Red Hot Chilli Peppers meets Frank Zappa – i.e. bass-heavy funk rock, with tricky shifts in time signatures mid-song. There is a strong sense of fun both musically and lyrically. At times they drift into the more shouty and blokey end of TISM’s early work.

All in all this stands as a fine testament to a misspent youth (as does my music collection I guess).  The lead singer of this trio went on to front a somewhat more successful outfit – The Grand Silent System.  Here’s a vid from them:

I prefer his earlier work.

Note to anyone wanting to give me a free CD.  That’d be grand, although of course I will only review it in its due position in the alphabet.  But free stuff is good…

File under: I’m interested in this apathy

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  1. This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

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