85. Boyracer – “In Full Colour”

I purchased this record at some sale one time. The band name was familiar from the British music press, as these guys were some seminal but unsuccessful indie act.

boyracer-in-full-colour-album-coverHaving now listened to this album multiple times I can certainly say that any lack of sales was quite warranted, while the positive press was not. This is a thoroughly depressing and uninspiring release.

Many of the tunes share sonic space with acts such as Jesus and Mary Chain and Wedding Present, in that there is some pretty ferocious treble heavy thrashy guitar. Other tracks are more electronic and slightly Pavement-ish.

The big difference is that those acts all show some pop sensibility, in that they remember that choruses matter, that hooks matter and that catchiness matters.

I do not recall a single song from this 20-track effort. It has all washed over me with little impact (other than the fact I might now need a shower). All in all, a pretty disappointing purchase.

File under: Lacks melanin


2 responses to “85. Boyracer – “In Full Colour”

  1. You suck

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