87. Billy Bragg – “The Peel Sessions”

Let’s travel back in time a few years, to various live sessions Bragg recorded at the BBC.  These sessions were aggregated on this damn fine CD.

billy-bragg-album-cover-peel-sessionThis is Billy in all his singer-songwriter glory.  He cherry-picks many of his better songs from his earlier works (although not the best – The Saturday Boy), and plays them in the fashion that best suits them – solo and raw.

There is a hell of a lot more killer than filler here.   In fact, I’m not sure I’d condemn many at all.  He offers a pretty nifty Smiths cover (Jeane) and also a John Cale number (Fear is a Man’s Best Friend).  He does such a good job on those two that I hadn’t picked up they were covers until websearching them today.

The vibe on the labum isn’t completely consistent as it chronicles three distinct sessions.  The middle one (stuff from Workers Playtime) comes across as a little too slick.  The other are more rough and ready, and thus more vibrant and engaging.

This CD is worth owning for the rare  A13 Trunk Road to the Sea -his UK version of Route 66.  Oh, and it features his very righteous Between the Wars. Both songs have vids worth seeing:

File under: Very a-peeling (sorry, couldn’t resist)


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