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92. Billy Bragg and the Blokes – “Mermaid Avenue Tour”

I presume I picked this up at a Billy Bragg show, perhaps the last time I saw him – at the Forum on this Blokes tour.

billy-bragg-blokes-mermaid-avenue-album-cover-live-tourThis may well be the low point of the recorded Bragg works I own.  Well it certainly is so far (there are still two CDs to go). 

He and his buddies set about butchering the quality work of his Wilco collaboration. All subtlety is removed from the Guthrie reinterpretations.  Instead the tunes become much more shouty. 

The band isn’t actually doing a great deal behind him.  The tracks are light on for instrumentation.  There are a couple of Bragg “classics” on here too.  They are given unsatisfactory treatment also. 

This CD just makes me angry.  The final assault on Way Over Yonder in the Minor Key should have seen Bragg hauled in front of the War Crimes folk at the Hague.

Listen at your own peril.

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