96. Breather Hole – “Schwa Schwa Schwa”

We travelled a long way from Bragg to Breather Hole. These guys are much more at the arty end of the musical spectrum.  Its not quite aTap-esque ‘free-form jazz exploration’, but there a huge dollop of self-indulgence  and ‘musicality’. Thankfully there is enough listener-awareness to deliver something that hasn’t completely disappeared up the band members’ back orifices.

breather-hole-schwa-schwa-schwa-album-coverThat sort of crude expression does give some taste of the material here.  This CD shares something with the early work of The Headless Chickens (before they got all dancefloor oriented).  Slightly shouty vocals over excessive bass action.  It’s almost stream of consciousness stuff.

Having looped this CD for the past few hours, I can say that it starts to sink in and doesn’t grate too much.  The Grandpa Simpson-like ranting on Fishing is worth a listen.

Oh, and one final comment about the cover.  It might not be clear from the picture, but it features ‘scratchy’ pics.  Nice gimmick, and even after all these years, I haven’t scratched them all off.  I guess I’m holding out for the band members to go on to huge things and my copy becoming some collectors’ item… not sure I should bank on this to fund my retirement however…

File under: Not bad noodliness


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