97. The Breeders – “Last Splash”

This album is an old fave, and has had many, many spins over the years.  Indeed last year it got a good airing as I warmed up for viewing said act as they toured Australia again.

the-breeders-last-splash-album-coverThis, for mine, is by far the best post-Pixies effort from any member of said indie legends (it doesn’t have that much opposition really).   

I like the contrast on this album.  There is a strong sense of urgency – like the band wants to tell you everything at once. Even the gaps between tracks are short. But somehow, there is also a relaxed chilled out, almost Hawaiian vibe. 

 The stand out track is, of course, Cannonball, an incredibly distinctive composition which rolls over itself in such an evocative manner. The rumbling bass and drums, and non-conventional song structure always makes me smile. There is so much more to love here:  I Just Wanna Get Along, Divine Hammer, Drivin’ On

Seeing them last year made me happy… the Deal sisters were as whacky and inspired as always. Good times.

File under: Joyous sporn


3 responses to “97. The Breeders – “Last Splash”

  1. Cannonball is one of the greatest rock songs of all time. It’s killer groove is infectious.

  2. Unrelenting Tedium

    I like this album also. Not wishing to pre-empt but I like the newsest one even more…very clever. As for post Pixies, I don’t know whether you have taken in Frank Black’s Honeycomb from the year before last, but it is the best of his solo albums. Recorded in Nashville with Spooner Oldham and the other dude whose name escapes me….they co-wrote dark end of the street…anyway…check it out.

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