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99. Dan Brodie and the Broken Arrows – “Big Black Guitar”

I had a big soft spot for the work on Dan Brodie for several years. He was a bit of an outlier on the Melbourne pub scene, strongly wedded to a country-blues ethos.

dan-brodie-and-the-broken-arrows-big-black-guitar-album-coverThis was his first full-length release, and does a reasonable job of capturing his life persona, although the recording leaves a bit of the energy and rawness out.

Brodie could be described as the Aussie Ryan Adams, as he shows enormous passion for the roots of country-rock, and also portrays a life filled with misadventures in love. Brodie lacks some of Adams’ songwriting acumen, but also a whole lot less of the pretension. His tales are very likable and honest.

The title track is a good rollicking life tale (of following in his dad’s musical footsteps). Ride On is the rockingest effort and presages his greater confidence and where’s his strengths really lie – in almost Hank Williams-esque honky tonk.

There are a few too many forgettable tracks on here for this be a real fave, but Brodie certainly showed a lot of promise.

Here’s the standout track in thigh-slapping living colour (yeeeeehaaaaa):

File under: A rising star