100. Dan Brodie and the Broken Arrows – “Empty Arms, Broken Hearts”

How appropriate that this blog should hit triple figures with a killer release that so confidently swaggers through the rock’n’roll oeuvre.

dan-brodie-borken-arrows-album-cover-empty-arms-broken-heartsThis album sees Dan Brodie delivering on his promise. He hardly takes a wrong step.

The opening track is flawless – slow vocal-heavy intro cataloguing the status of his family members and his own trials with the bottle, a plea to Jesus Try and Save Me, drums kick in, addition of important rider to title “(from myself)”. This CD is the one where Brodie transforms from Ryan Adams clone to the next Steve Earle. It’s all tales of a slightly lawless life on road breaking hearts and facing inevitable reciprocity.

Take a Bullet is even better and should have been a huge hit. He probably didn’t do himself any favours with this video (which muddies up the mix in the name of art – but also captures my typical reaction when hearing it – i.e. singing along):

In searching for that vid I found one of his first album which is better (and in a century-acknowledging indulgence I have added it into yesterday’s review)

This clips a ripper though:

There are several more stand out tracks on this album and I cannot recommend it highly enough. As a sad footnote, I awaited his next release with much hop, attended the CD launch and was mightily disappointed. He went all soft and MOR and he won no custom from me.

File under: Brylcreemed bluesy rock brilliance

3 responses to “100. Dan Brodie and the Broken Arrows – “Empty Arms, Broken Hearts”

  1. With regard to the third album, you can’t blame a man for trying to make money – looking perhaps for that crossover success where drunk and depressed housewives in the southern USofA have one more drink whilst singing along to Dan on the radio as the husbands stay out and shoot things.

    Having said that, when he did take the turn, I’ve never seen so many people in big black hats look so sad. Still a fine album, though.

  2. great review! you convinced me to buy the album!

  3. Thanks guys, for thinking of this part..I Love sampeling music new and old. I’ts one of my favorite pass times.

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