102. James Brown – “Star Time Disk Two”

Our journey through the Brown box set continues…

When we left James he was busy editing down Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag. This album kicks off with the 2.08 min single version, which is hard to fault. Then into I Got You (I Feel Good). Can it get any better?

james-brown-startime-box-set-album-cover1Not for a little while… but it doesn’t drop off too much. Money Wont Change You shows how much the underlying music is now dominating relative to (ad-libbed) vocals. The “huh!!” is becoming more and more prevalent and the band is getting funkier every song…

As the vocals become less important, it can become harder to remember which tune is which. But each of these tracks is a dancefloor winner. The back-t0-back pairing of Cold Sweat and Get It Together is about the best 16 minutes of jamming you are likely to ever hear.

The pace and fun is relentless. This is even better than Disk 1 and James seems unstoppable. Say It Loud, I’m Black and I’m Proud stands as a testament to read the market and mood perfectly too. Give It Up or Turn It a Loose demonstrates that lyrics have almost passed their use-by date.

Just keep playing this CD til you can dance no more…

File under: Get down with your bad self

One response to “102. James Brown – “Star Time Disk Two”

  1. Cold Sweat – without doubt the unsung funk hero of Mr Brown’s career – and for my money funkier than Sex Machine and I feel good.

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