105. Dan Auerbach- “Keep it Hid”

Here’s one more recent purchase in the As…

Dan is the hirsute guitarist and singer with one of my darling bands The Black Keys. This is his solo debut from earlier this year.

dan-auerbach-keep-it-hid-album-coverHe ain’t ventured particularly far from his core business here. The vocals sound slightly softer and get a little more airtime. The vibe is just a little more chilled.

The only real difference is that the drumming is a little further back in the mix and with not quite as much cymbal action (I miss you Patrick). This lack of ‘oomph’ makes it more a lazy afternoon album than some of the more racuous BK output.

Auerbach is definitely a consistent songwriter, and his style doesn’t get too tired. I suspect he could produce an album like this every few months and still keep me pretty happy. It would be great if he took a few more risks or brought in a few collaborators (as with the most recent Keys effort). But if he wants to play around in his studio I’ll probably keep buying.

File under: Solo but still with mojo

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