Daily Archives: May 3, 2009

106. Bob Brozman – “Devil’s Fire”

I first came across Brozman down at the Port Fairy Folk Festival.  His Hawaiian blues guitar action was a big diversion from the usual fiddle and tin whistle fare.

bob-brozman-devils-slideHe plucks away on ukulele and that instrument’s bigger brother on several tracks.  The remainder of the album explores other guitar-based ‘roots’ music.

Brozman reinterprets a range of traditional ragtime standards. Calypso also gets a look in, as does some Robert Johnson Delta blues.

Brozman is highly competent and stays very true to the roots of this music.  He has the right sort of voice to sing the usual laments about “losing my baby”.  He shows a good sense of humour in his song selections. Cinemascopeoffers a delightful insight into breakthrough film technology (and parallels in the narrator’s choice of ladies).

This is all very well executed, but is also a little clinical, rather than exciting. I guess it’s more inconvenient than spinning shellacs at 78rpm.

File under: Blue Hawaii