112. Buffalo Tom – “Let Me Come Over”

This was the first BT album I bought. Listening to it in the context of it’s predecessors highlights what a huge leap it was for the band.

buffalo-tom-album-cover-let-me-come-overFrom the opening track it is obvious we are listening to a new and exciting Buffalo Tom. Staples is confident and measured, and substantially better than anything they’d recorded before. The drums are more powerful. The guitars are so swirling and layered that it is stunning they were still a trio.

The band then step it up further with their breakthrough single, the magnificent Taillights Fade. In case, you’ve somehow never heard the tune, here’s the vid:

The song’s a winner, and captures the sound of the album very well.

There is more killer on here. Velvet Roof ranks alongside the two aforementioned tunes as their best work. Porchlight mines a similar rich vein. Appropriately, so does Mineral.

What made the difference? The production is more sympathetic to the slower tempoed tunes. The vocals are less strained and more emotive. The lead guitar work is often more lyrical.

The album isn’t perfect. There is a slight sameness to several tracks. But it still stands out as an all-time fave for me.

File under: An invitation that is hard to resist

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