113. Buffalo Tom – “Big Red Letter Day”

When you’re onto a good thing stick with it. Buffalo Tom didn’t fall for the “let’s get all experimental” trick upon the success of Let Me Come Over. Instead they just kept on keeping on.

buffalo-tom-album-cover-big-red-letter-dayWell, that’s not quite true. They slowed it down a bit here. The guitars are less harsh and you can hear more steel strings. The vocals are even more prominent and almost always in the slow-burner almost-ballad category.

Without their back catalogue, and the occasional flourishes from the drumkit, the band might almost be condemned to sit-down gigs. I’d be happy to lounge around and enjoy it as they worked their way through much of this album. As it is, the material probably straddles the nice line between ‘sit and soak up’ versus ‘stand and sway appreciatively’.

The songwriting is almost stronger on this album than the last. Vocal lines are better harmonised with riffs. The standout tracks – Torch Singer, I’m Allowed, Treehouse – are in the band’s top 6 or 7 all-time. The album doesn’t quite match up with its predecessor simply on the grounds of energy and highpoints. Nevertheless, this is a band very close to its peak.

File under: Not junk mail


One response to “113. Buffalo Tom – “Big Red Letter Day”

  1. Absolutely love this album! A collection of inspired song writing in the usual Buffalo Tom manner. Cracking 🙂

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