115. Buffalo Tom – “Sleepy Eyed”

The prime motivation behind starting this blog was the incentive to revisit albums that might have been gathered dust on my shelf. Today is one of those days where I pat myself on the back for this brainwave.

buffalo Tom album cover sleepy eyedFor some reason I had pretty much forgotten this album.  For some reason I had convinced myself that Buffalo Tom had ‘lost it’ some time after Big Red Letter Day and that this album was the onset of this decline.  I was wrong.

I must have given this CD many spins back in the day.  Each track is very familiar, and its great to back amongst old friends.

While Big Red Letter Day was a chilled out set of slower tempo tunes, this album sees the band rocking out again. The drums have been cranked up, the riffs are flying again, and Janovitz is belting out the vocals.

The three opening tracks are big, powerful and fun. Rhyming “kitchen door” with “baseball team from Baltimore” is whacky (at least in the world of BT). It seems the boys were enjoying themselves a lot on this one.

The album retains the pace and quality right through its 14 tracks.

I’m glad to have rediscovered this winner.

File under: A cracking dawn


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