Daily Archives: May 15, 2009

118. Vika and Linda – “Two Wings”

I complained that the Bull sisters’ earlier album wasn’t very representative of what I’d seen on stage. This album reverses that completely. It showcases their talents and approach very well.

Bull Vika and Linda Two Wings album coverThe personas here are sassy, fun and dynamic. Their soulful voices are on show. The songs are well chosen. The feel is really upbeat and rousing.

This is soul singing in an Aretha Franklin/Bettye Lavette mould, although not quite hitting those heights. They explore the world of gospel pop very competently. They harmonise much more regularly. The musicianship is first rate (it does pay to have friends in high places).  They select some classics from the genres.

More interestingly they have leant on a few very talented Aussie writer friends (e.g. Paul Kelly, Archie Roach, Tim Rogers), to provide some quality songs that are a long way (in some instances) from their respective home turf.

This is a damn fun album.  It is great for turning up loud late on a Sunday morning.  It can even make chores bearable.

File under: One to make your soul fly