119. Vika and Linda – “Tell the Angels”

This is the first album I’ve reviewed on which I was a participant (and it won’t be the last!).

Bull Vika and Linda Tell the Angels album coverThis album was recorded live over a series of shows at the Cornish Arms Hotel in Melbourne. I was in attendance at one of these gigs, so I have reasonable grounds to assume that some of these tracks may record some whoops and hollers from me amongst the crowd noise.

Irrespective of my glorious presence, this album is the highpoint in our Bull sisters’ collection. Here they tackle the soul-gospel genre head on, wrestle it to the ground and arise all-conquering. Ok, that’s excessive hyperbole, but I feel the need to testify.

This time they’ve selected classic tracks from acts like the Staples Singers, and recruited a band very capable of delivering the boogie-woogie piano, jangly guitar and rousing feel. Their version of John the Revelator is enough to almost get me believing.

This is a truly joyous testament to the only decent thing religion ever gave us – gospel. Thanks gals.

File under: Worthy of praise


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