126. Call and Response – “Call and Response”

You may recall my rant about bubblegum pop back a few weeks back. The basic premise was that it better be light yet sticky.

call-and-response album coverThese Californians are chasing that elusive goal.  And for a few tracks they reach said nirvana.

They tackle the task with suitable tools.  Up front is a bouncy and full bass-line.  The melodies emanate from a mix of organs, Hammond and the like.  The sound is lush. The vocals are breathy, mainly female, with some effete bloke harmonising on occasion.

The lyrical content is appropriate.  The first two tracks: Blowin’ Bubbles and Rollerskating. Get the picture?  These two tracks are the pick of the bunch by a fair margin, however.  They’ve been gyrating around my cerebral cortex all day long.

The novelty wears off pretty quickly after those two tune though. In the end this is the sort of thing Belle and Sebastian might produce if there were less folks in the band, and if they ultimately weren’t miserable Scots. Its all very happy.  It lacks the slight perversity or sarcasm of the B&S, The Brunettes, or even the Lucksmiths.

Take this CD if already happy. Otherwise it will cloy for sure.

File under: Diabetics beware

One response to “126. Call and Response – “Call and Response”

  1. glad I am not alone…

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